Kandango K2r

Sunday Road

Ride map

We return to Alma to end the 2018 K2r. We cannot resist the beauty and fun of old K-10 road from Alta Vista.

Our first stop is the historic St. Joseph's Church for breakfast. Food vendors will be on site. 

We provide a shuttle service to connect Lower McDowell Creek Road to Humboldt Creek Road, to reduce the mileage on Highway 177. Buses will be at Schmedemann Road intersection to transport you and your bike over the three mile stretch to Humboldt Creek Road. The road may be rideable on road bikes, depending on the current conditions. Shuttles will leave every 15 minutes.

Our next stop is Alta Vista. We will be making arrangements with the grocery store and with the diner (if the diner is still open). 

On the last leg into Alma, plan to stop and have some fun at the Volland Store. It is the last stop before Alma. Join the gravel riders for fun, food and entertainment.

We finish the ride at the high school in Alma. Showers are available.