Kandango K2r

Sunday Gravel - Welcome to Little Egypt

Throw out the playbook for conventional bike tours.

We are re-writing it for Sunday's ride.

Volland - the center of the gravel universe

We discovered some of the best back roads in the state - south and east of Volland. Veterans of prior K2rs will recognize and recall the hills south of old K-10 road on the way to Alma. They are beautiful!

We put the gravel riders into the heart of the Flint Hills to explore and discover. And we do it the same way skiers use the slopes - with a social base camp. Instead of a ski lodge, we base Sunday's ride out of the Volland Store.

Little Egypt

The main attraction will be the Little Egypt Road, south of Volland. Riders can loop through the hills and return to the store. The loop is about 17 miles, and is very challenging. The roads are lined with grass in the center, and are impassable if it rains. Lots of cattle and vistas. Pure Flint Hills joy.

The Full Egyptian Monte

The Full Egyptian Monte is 42.7 miles with 2,217 feet of vertical climb. Think again about the pancake metaphor. This ride loops you to the old historic fort and back into Volland. The second loop takes you to Little Egypt Road and on into Alma. This is a full-day's worth of riding, and could become the marquee attraction of an already stellar gravel bike event.

The Volland Store Base Camp

We drop you and your bike at the store on Sunday morning, where you can have some fun and socialize with the posse before you head into them thar hills. Food trucks, music, and beer make the store a fun place to spend the day.

When you have had all the fun you can muster, hop on your bike and enjoy the final 8.7 miles into Alma on scenic Old K-10 road or board a bus. The bike ride into Alma is so scenic, you shouldn't miss it.

Transportation to Volland

If you are registered for the full event, transportation is free from Manhattan to the Volland Store. We pick up you and your bike from the Blue Earth Plaza and drop you at the base camp at the Volland Store.

The ride from Manhattan to Volland is about 45 minutes. We will have plenty of buses on hand, Sunday morning leaving Blue Earth Plaza. You can catch a bus every 15 minutes from 6 AM to 8 AM, and every 30 minutes from 8 to 9:30.

If you have a car in Manhattan, you can drop your car in Alma at the high school in the morning and catch one of the buses back to Manhattan, if you are a road rider, or on to Volland, if you are riding the gravel.

Why bus riders to Volland?

The area around Volland is ideal for gravel. Because of its location, it is impossible to design a moderate gravel ride originating from Manhattan and getting you to to the prime spots, without huge mileage. We believe that the unique beauty of the area warrants departure from the norm, in order to put you into the center of it. We think you will agree, too, when you ride the ride.