Kandango K2r

Road rides

The origin of Kandango was to seek out and ride the most interesting and scenic secondary blacktop in the state. 

This year lives up to our lofty standard. Fridays ride has less highway miles of any Kandango ride to date. If you opt to ride the bus from White City to Dwight, there are zero highway miles.

Saturday's ride takes us west and north. We visit Riley and on to Olsburg, where we join our gravel grinder cousins for a meeting town celebration. The last stop before the end is the Little Grill. Should be a fun day. Love those hills south of Olsburg!

On Sunday, we return to Alma via a new and improved route to Alta Vista. We reduce the Highway 177 miles to 2.4 miles by cutting over to Humboldt Creek Road. We end the day by joining the gravel grinders at the Volland Store for a celebration, en route to Alma on the scenic old K-10 road.