Kandango K2r

Friday - Mo Joe

Friday’s ride features great back road riding. We return to Woodbine and on to White City and Dwight before heading north on some prime secondary blacktop for our return to the Little Apple. Don’t be scared by the mileage, there are plenty of ways to customize this ride into your perfect day in the saddle.

This ride features the fewest highway miles of any previous Kandango ride, which is what we are here to do. 

Ride map

The ride by the numbers

There are plenty of ways to shorten the ride by using the buses-

81.3 miles

Elect to ride the bus instead of riding the gravel and you save 4.6 miles. The ride transports riders and bikes past the gravel on Tulley Hill Road, between Humboldt Creek Road and McDowell Creek Road. Take the bus and the ride is now 81.3 miles.

68.2 Miles

Save 13.1 miles by riding the bus to Blue Earth Plaza from St. Joseph’s Church. End your ride at the party at the church. Buses leave every 15 minutes.

57.3 Miles

Hop on the bus in White City to Dwight, and you save another 10.9 miles. This stretch is on Highway 4, which will have more traffic and less scenery than the rural blacktop beyond Dwight. Buses leave every half hour.

Shave more miles

You get the picture. You could reduce the ride by another 12.2 miles by riding the bus from Woodbine to White City, but you would miss scenic, relatively flat and lightly trafficked blacktop (our prime directive).

Party at Historic St. Joseph's Church and Cemetery

We join our G Squared gravel grinder cousins at the old church and cemetery. Food truck and beer garden. Maybe even some music. This place is so cool, we named the day for it.

Start the day with a bus ride to Junction City

In order to do this ride, we bus riders from Blue Earth Plaza to Junction City on Friday morning. Buses leave Blue Earth Plaza on Friday morning to take you and your bike on a 20 minute ride to Grandview Plaza in Junction City, to begin the ride. 

Buses depart Blue Earth Plaza every 15 minutes, starting at 6 AM.